What is an Implanon?
An Implanon is a long-acting contraceptive made of soft plastic that is inserted into the upper arm.hand in rubber gloves holding a hormonal implant. Hormonal implant or beauty chip is a subcutaneous application. birth control implant stock pictures, royalty-free photos & images

What should I expect at my Implanon insertion?
Before the insertion procedure, you will need an appointment with your doctor to determine whether the Implanon is appropriate for you. At that appointment, you will also receive a script for the Implanon device. You will need to obtain the device from a pharmacy and bring it to your insertion appointment.

Please remember to bring the device to your Implanon insertion appointment. Your doctor will review the procedure with you. A local anaesthetic (a shot to numb the area of insertion) is provided where the Implanon will be inserted.

Implanon is put in the upper arm and is usually inserted during the first five days of your period.  After insertion, you should be able to feel the Implanon when you gently touch your arm.

What happens at an Implanon removal?
Your Implanon can be left in your arm for three years. In order for it to be removed, a local anaesthetic is used once again, and a small incision is made in your arm to remove the device.

Are there any side effects of the Implanon?
Side effects are different for everyone. Changes to the menstrual cycle are typical with Implanon and it can cause lighter periods; for some women they may disappear altogether. Other women do continue to have irregular bleeding or spotting throughout the duration of the Implanon being inserted.

If you have concerns about your bleeding, please discuss with your health care provider.

Does Implanon insertion/removal hurt?
You may feel a slight pinch as numbing medication is injected into the arm, however the procedure does not hurt after this. Your arm may ache a few hours after the procedure, but this should fade relatively quickly.

Are there any long-term side effects of the Implanon?
The Implanon does not interfere with fertility once it is removed.

How much does it cost?
Procedure- Gap $110 out of pocket

What’s the difference between an IUD and an Implanon?
Generally speaking, both the IUD and the Implanon devices are long-term birth control solutions. The IUD is a contraceptive device placed in your uterus instead of in your arm.